Business partners


How can I add an Account Manager to my Business Partner?

  • You can add an Account Manager in the second step of creating a new Business Partner as you are defining the relationship with this client.

  • If you wish to add an Account Manager who is not on the list, in the Settings tab at the beginning of the page you will see an option on the left side of the page as you switch to the Settings tab. Add just full name and email. You can deactivate or delete existing Account Managers from the list.



How to create a Business Partner to be both customer and supplier?

  • Once you start to create a new Business Partner you will set one relation. As you finish and save this setup, you will go to the Product section of that partner and add a new product with different relation. Like that you will have a Business Partner as your customer and supplier.



Do our suppliers and customers see their statistics in the SMS Platform?

  • Your clients will be available to see any data on the platform based on access rights you determine to them as you create their users in the Security application. Check the Security application section here for more information or contact your Customer Relationship Manager.



Does the registration number field has a limitation?

  • Limitation is 20 characters.