1. How does AI work?

  Autoimport is a tool designed to import the rates on the platform. It is a automatized process which includes "reading" the price updates upon arrival on the dedicated mail address and then processing them by using dedicated procedures for every supplier and importing them in Rates Manager/Supplier Gate SMS Price list in draft status. From that point the user can decide to activate or not the range/ranges imported after inspecting it. If the range is approved by the user, the range will have active status. AI section on the platform has been designed to follow up with the folders in the webmail where supplier price updates are received. There are tabs:

  • Pricelist - All imported price updates will be situated here and can be activated from this section, but always check the imported rates first
  • Imported - List of all imported price updates with all dates included
  • Failed Imports - List of all price updates that do not have a procedure created or the procedure is note working for some reason
  • Unrecognized - List of all price updates which have no relation with price updates, or price updates which were not read by AI (linking changed/or not properly set)
  • Link Settings - Parameters for creating the linking for a specific procedure. Linking the procedure with the price list

Also when the price update is imported, there will be an AI report available. This report provides the information which destinations were imported or not, which were wrongly sent, where the higher rate was imported for the same MCCMNC... AI report is available in the Pricelist tab in the view button, only before the mentioned price update is not activated.

AI tool refreshes at one minute now in the new version which makes importing price updates much faster than in the previous version.

      2. How to Link the procedure?

Linking can be performed for every available procedure in the drop down menu in the Rates Manger/Suppliers/Autoimport/tab Linking settings. In this section an option for the linking the procedure with the according price list is available. Linking can be created on the +link settings button. The fields marked with * are mandatory and must be filled. First you choose the procedure from the drop down menu in the Import Procedure field. By doing that you can move on the next field Supplier where you will choose the supplier with whom you have a connection crated. Next step is to choose the price list in the Pricelist  field. Sender Email field is to be filled with the address from which the mentioned supplier is sending the price update. Search Target is the field in the price update from where the AI procedure will search the name of the price list, and also the field Search Term helps in the search term by point exact whereabouts of the mane of the account/price list which guides AI procedure to import the rates accordingly.

       3.  The price update was not imported by AI, how to solve the matter?

The price update arrived and the AI did not import it. There could be the following reasons:

  • There is no procedure created for this specific supplier, the price update will end up in the tab Unrecognized
  • The linking was not set for this supplier, and that is why the price update went to Unrecognized tab
  • If a price update was not imported and it goes to the Failed tab, the linking has been properly set, the procedure might need checking by our engineers. But before escalation to support compare the template of the price update which was imported last time with the current one which failed. If there is a difference in any means (name of the header, order of the columns...) the procedure will not import it. Solution is to ask the supplier to send the rates as usual, otherwise any modification of the procedure from our team will be chargeable. Important thing also i to check the address and the Search term/Search target in the linking settings since that may also be changed in the price update which hasn't been imported. If this is the case, simple change will to the trick.

       4. How to rerun the price update which was not imported because the linking was not set at all or not set properly?

If the price was not imported by AI and went to Unrecognized tab, first linking settings should be checked. If the linking settings were not set at all, then set accordingly. If the linking settings need changing or have been set with wrong information, then please do the following:

  • Create/change the linking settings accordingly for the mentioned supplier
  • Stop the AI tool on the stop button
  • Go to the webmail dedicated for receiving the price updates from suppliers, move the price update from Unrecognized tab to Inbox and mark it as unread
  • Start the AI tool again, and the price update will be imported if the linking has been set properly and the template of the price update hasn't been changed by the supplier

       5. Checking whether the rates are imported correctly

After the price update is imported, you can check whether the rates are imported correctly or not by open the range which will be in draft in the suppliers price list. If there were no adding/removing destinations in the sent price update, the number of items should be the same in the range in draft and active range. If that is in order move on to checking the mentioned changes for destinations. If there is a higher rate imported than the one stated in the body for example, please inspect the file for the suppliers tend to send the different rates for the same operator which has different MNC but are stated as one in our system, and to avoid loss AI always imports the higher rate. If there are multiple ranges inspect all the changes according to the effective date that is mentioned in the price update. Also if all changes are imported correctly, check for All Networks if all items are in order and checks several additional rates which were not mentioned as changed to make sure all rates are in correct. If all is in order proceed with the activation.

      6. Different types of procedures

There are several auto import procedures:

  • Single range - This type of the procedure imports only one range since the supplier mentions only one effective in the price update or none. If the supplier doesn't  state any effective date, the effective date which AI will import will be date and time when the email arrived.
  • Multi range  - These are the procedures which will have multiple ranges imported since the supplier is mentioning several dates and time in the price update, as many different effective dates in the file that many will be imported. Specific thing here is that user needs to check the mentioned changes in all ranges that were imported, taking in count that not all range will have the same changes since the dates are different (note the AI exception specification as well)
  • Partial - Procedures which copy the previous active range and implements the changes which are stated in the body of the mail. (AI exceptions - Cequens)

       7. AI report

AI report can be found in the Pricelist tab in the AI section of the platform. This report can be inspected only when the price update has been imported and not yet activated. Report can be viewed by clicking on the view button and then on the button Report. Here you will be presented with the full list of the destinations that have not been imported and the reason for that. Here are some of the errors and warnings which may be present in the Report:

  • Error:COUNTRY_IS_AMBIGIOUS on line 839 for mcc-mnc: 362-51! - this means that more than one countries share the same MCC or even MNC, and therefore AI will not include the destination in the imported range but the user will have the chance to inspect the price update and add those destinations manually.
  • Error:OPER_MNC_IS_WRONG on line 842 for mcc-mnc: 530-00! - here we have the situation where the MNC is not present in our system, and hence is being recognized as wrong and will not be imported
  • Warning:op_join=MAX: HighPrice SELECTED on line 196 for mcc-mnc: 732-103! - If a supplier sends in the price update different price for the same operator and in their file this operator has separate MNC and our system has joined MNC for the same operator the AI will import always the higher rate to avoid loss.

       8. Manual procedure

When AI procedure is created, there is also and according manual procedure created as well. Manual procedures are semi automatized, since the user needs to open the file of the price update and then without any modification load it on to the platform in two ways:

  • Rates Manager/SMS Gate Price List/Import Pricelist
  • Or directly from the suppliers price list/Edit button/Import Pricelist

       9. How to import rates when there is no procedure created?

If there is no available procedure for the supplier rates, user can always use HORISEN Template. The mentioned price update has to be modified to fit the HORISEN Template exactly. If this is not done, the price update will not be imported.

        10. Effective date of the imported range

Effective date of the range that has been imported by auto import procedure is set according to the date, time and timezone which has been emphasized in the price update (email subject, email body or file in the attachment). If there is no timezone mentioned, the auto import procedure will import the date and time mentioned in the price update but in GMT timezone. For manual import this differs from the auto import and depends only from the date, time and timezone (if mentioned) in the file. So, if the timezone, time and date are mentioned differently in the email body/subject manual procedure can not pick it up since the import is only based upon the file.

        11. AI stopped working

Auto import tool can stop working due to an outage. In this case contact support. But there are situation where AI was working and then stopped with import and there isn't any outage present. This may happen due to IMAP parameters being altered, or even setting 2FA for the mail which is dedicated for auto import. If the password and user name need to be changed, important thing is to alter the parameters on the platform as well in the Platform Settings/System/Email Server/Supplier price updates - Email/IMAP. Also support needs to be notified of the change. As for the 2FA setting, this must be turned off in order for the AI to be bale to function.

        12. Is it possible to create only one procedure and setup the email with several addresses separated by a semicolon?

Yes, if the domain for all addresses is the same (for example @horisen) all of them can be entered in one linking settings. If the domain differs, then a separate linking has to be made for each different domain.

        13. How to differentiate the search term in the procedures if supplier is sending similar names for the account?


If supplier is sending similar names of the accounts which are used in the linking for example supplier_dc for direct and supplier_dcpd for per delivered, there can be an issue with the linking since bot contain supplier_dc in the account name. The solution would be to differentiate the two accounts by simply adding the ] in the supplier_dc search term and the end result is supplier_dc]